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and suffering, it is seemingly the one problem that really touched a nerve. why the new york city marathon became such a lightning rod in the wake of the storm. >>> and it turns out one car was not as advertised. how owners will be compensated for some bad math. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. frustrations and anger mounting over gas shortages, power outages and relief supplies four days after super storm sandy. here's the latest. 110 deaths are now blamed on that storm. and that number is expected to rise as more bodies are found in destroyed homes. just over 3 million people are without power and that is down from more than 8 million during the height of the storm. and more than 47,000 runners have been told this weekend's new york marathon has been canceled. >>> among the hardest hit area is staten island new york. the body of two people strapped by a 13-foot surge of water were found today. one was hanging out a window. a few hours before, one woman escaped with her three children. >> it hurts. i mean i cried for a few days, but there is nothing left to do. there i
. >> as for the new york city subway, you are looking at the hardest hit of all 468 stations. joe leader oversees maintenance >> we had barricaded up top with wood plywood and sand bags to keep the water out. when the surge came, to brought down all this material that doesn't belong here. large pieces of lumber, and that broke through the barrier, and allowed more water to come in. >> as much as the water's gone down, we're still two levels worth of water till we get to the tracks? >> absolutely. >> it will take a week alone just to pump out the water. but the subway system will be in partial service tomorrow. in manhattan, grand central terminal reopened after its longest closure ever in its 100 year history. >>> then there are those who are still just trying to get back home from the east coast. mark sayer talked with some passengers. >> reporter: a united flight from new york was one of the first to arrive in the bay area >> it was pretty hellish. >> reporter: stranded travelers like richard titus say the past few days have been quite stressful. >> i was staying at a hotel, they took good ca
. >>> running from new york city to san francisco. the incredible journey that 8 million people are following. why it's really a story of friendship that listens on. >> the new coffee that starbucks thinks you're going to pay $7 for. >> and a $580 million jackpot up for grabs tonight. when california is going to get in on the action. with lung cancer has inspira unique journey.. from new y, to san francisco. cbs 5's dr. kim mulvihill hs of a lifelong >>> a bay area athlete's battle with lung cancer has inspired a unique journey. >> a lifelong friendship and the spectacular finish and honor of that friendship that's just days away. >> reporter: joe costello was just 22 when she died from lung cancer in 2010. it's how she lived that lives on. >> i do think that last year of jo's life although it was her most difficult and challenging, in many ways it could be the best year of her life. she did so many wonderful, amazing things and lived life to its fullest. >> reporter: best friends since kindergarten in san francisco,. >> i'm using my lungs to run from new york city to san francisco. >> report
of gas, out of food, and out of patience. tensions flair on the road to new york city. traffic jams and gas lines stretched for miles in a commute of chaos. >> get in front of me. >> reporter: some stations ran out of fuel or power for pumps. triple a says only a third of the stations are open in new jersey and long island. some bridges opened up but police are enforcing a three person car pool to ease congestion. and more lines swell for buses, food and water. >> they're slowly trying to recover. >> reporter: millions of people in 11 states are spending their fourth night in the dark, including seven families in this lower manhattan apartment complex. this couple stranded on the 20th floor is nearly out of food. >> coming up is really a hardship for us. >> that's why we've stayed up here. >> reporter: their lifeline is volunteers who scales the stairs to bring food from two blocks away. travis air force base is sending a plane with heavy equipment. it left with more than a million pounds of truck and tools. today the death toll rose to 38 in new york city with the discovery of a 2
in new jersey and new york without power. meanwhile, paramedics across this section of new york city checking on the elderly. they are checking on anyone who might need help. people in the areas they help has been slow in coming. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half of freshwater. for the first five or six days, no one was there. >> new york city officials have reported at least two elderly people have died in buildings without power. >>> it's been two years in the making. dozens helped break ground for a vietnam war memorial in san jose. the monument will be called sons of san jose. it's a 5-acre area of water leak but -- what would a river park. more than 140 residents died or went missing in the vietnam war. a memorial in san jose means people don't have to go to washington dc to pay their respects to the fallen. the project is expected to be complete in about 10 weeks. >>> in honor of veterans day, a special tribute for neil armstrong aboard the uss hornet. the retired aircraft carrier held under the a nearby real opening its exhibit of apollo program artifacts in alamed
department started to set up mobile fuel stations around the new york city metro area where they plan to distribute 12 million gallons of gasoline to run generators. the death toll stands at 113. meanwhile, it's been nearly a week since sandy hit. how are things coming along? >> he's live in stat -- he's live in staten island this morning and how many people in new york are without power? good morning to you. about 800,000 people in the new york city area are still without power. although that is down from the peak of 2.2 million on tuesday. fortunately, there is some good news. that is the silence that took over after the storm and has been replaced with sounds of the recovery. we have city crews working overnight and lining every street here in staten island. everything from sofas to a filing cabinet. there are hundreds and hundreds of plastic garbage bags. not only yesterday, but today as well and this child's stuffed any male is damp from the storm. and things like in this are on every block here in this neighborhood. the residents say the storm surge was at least 10 fight high. a
for new york city drivers. they'll have to wait until the weekend for the last of the city's flooded tunnels to reopen. and the winds and snow from yesterday's nor'easter killed power to another 200,000 customers, mostly in new jersey. lynn crafton's fiance, billy reid, needs this life- sustaining equipment. they've had to run on generator power since sandy hit. >> who would expect in the united states united states of america that you would be without power and heat for 11 days. >> reporter: they gas up the generator 11 times per day and wait for the power to come back on. >> without this life-sustaining equipment, we would be in the hospital. >> reporter: crafton is lucky to have a roof over her head. other families have lost their homes entirely. mark strasman, cbs muse, del mar, new jersey. >> and our sandy relief telethon that we had today raised nearly $135,000 to benefit the red cross. if you'd still like to help out, go to >>> and we're getting a first look at the loot allegedly belonging to a pair of female serial burglars. today, officers showed us some of the st
in denver, chicago, and new york city. we're hitting the roads, plenty of sunshine. coming in at the high of about 5 degrees. checking your forecast here at home. they will be interesting. so monday and tuesday, we're staying dry. temperatures for the most part in the 60s. and the coast bay and inland, but then check out wednesday. the low pressure system will be heading our way, more showers will be sticking around on thursday. the second storm system will be coming our way on friday and lasting well into next weekend. and it looks like the north bay, it will be hit the hardest and we could see some areas of localized flooding. getting ready for the very wet end of november. that's a check, back to you. >> thank you. >>> well, jumping jacks, they will still be jumping. and we'll show you the stones on stage tonight. >>> and yes, the movies as big of a draw on the bargain. how much box office raked in is coming up next. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of
on facebook some 4 hundred thousand times it's a shot of human worth on a cold new york city street. . >> nypd officers may look tough as nails but look at this picture taken on a recent cold night. a police officer giving a homeless man with no shoes a pair of boots. >> i just looked down and you could see the blisters from a distance and it was so cold that i knew i had to do something. >> an arizona tourist took this snapshot with her cell phone. it shows officer larry deprimo offering a kinds gesture to a stranger. >> i asked him where his shoes were and he said he never had a pair of shoes. >> this week, this picture went viral getting viewed more than one and a half million times and the boots the officer gave the man were brand new. he'd gone into shoe store to buy them. >> he said he was interested in buying the shoes for the homeless man. >> the 25 year old officer just two years on the job brought a pair of socks and boots priced at $99 but they gave him a discount priced at 49.50. >> when i brought out the shoes, it was smiles ear to ear. it was amazing reaction f
blown up and handlers could get used to guiding them during the parade in new york city. among the newest additions to the lineup are hello kitty, papa smurf and elf on a shelf. >>> the warriors go to double overtime at oracle. i'm kim coyle. and the tide roll into trouble at home. how this call decided their perfect season. sports is next. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. party... christian start the >>> the sec dominates the bcs standings every year. but its newest member is spoiling the party. christian, start the clock. 15th ranked texas a and m and tuscaloosa. johnny manziel to malcolm kennedy. final minute of play, alabama trailing by five. they would get the ball back on this punt but wait. tyler hayes jumps offsides. the penalty gives texas a and
. chicago, and new york city going to stay cool but dry with temperatures in the 40s. pinpoint forecast around northern california once again hitting the roads tomorrow, sacramento central valley could see the areas of fog. in parts of fresno. here's the forecast. over the next several days, so it looks like sunday, monday and tuesday pretty much holding steady. temperatures are mainly going to be in the 60s and then tuesday night into wednesday morning, that's when we could see rain anywhere from a halfen an inch up to 2-inches is possible. thursday looks like we get a brief but dry break. and then the rain returns for friday and saturday and it looks like that storm system could be even more significant. it's going to be a very wet end to november. >> all right. thank you much. appreciate it. >>> well, the producers of the dallas tv series revival will give jr ewing a proper sendoff. larry hagman died of cancer yesterday. he had filmed several episodes of season two. today fans left flowers at the star on the hollywood walk of fame. he flew a flag over his malibu home with the motto l
to the new york mets. on staten island, residence are piling up the rubble in the streets where trucks are hauling it away to make landfills. some residence are concerned whatever remains of their belongings will be washed away with another storm coming. others say there is nothing left to recover. >> my wife is not taking it so well. my children are obviously not taking it so well. if i break down, then where are we? i have to be the strong one. >> reporter: they are delivering sandwiches and juice to storm victims. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: she lives in new jersey now, but says this will always be home. for cbs news, staten island, new york. >>> weather time, more of that nor'easter, expecting wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour and another water rise. back here in the bay area what a beautiful day. highs in the 80s in the santa clara valley. a live look outside as we are still here in the 60s right no. mid-60s. 65. warm spot downtown san francisco. 68 degrees right now. livermore and concord slipped out of the 60s into the upper 50s. that white dot you see
degrees at sfo and this is for monday and new york looks a-okay. the low 60s, 63 at union city and 63 degrees for san mateo, redwood sea -- city, 62. cities for the east bear, high clouds over the bay area and to -- east bay, and 57 degrees over at bodega bay on the chilly side. and now, we increase the clouds on tuesday night and that is bleing to a chance of rain and high and dry in the area. there is forecast. >> and we're talking about the story of the week former cia director david petraeus apologized to lawmakers this weekar an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. >> and there is still plenty of questions about the state of cure the and the fallout from the affair. that is why we had the u.s. hastings professor elizabeth hillman who is the down with us earlier and one of the things she talked about was e-mail privacy. >> when the united states government decides it wants information and there is a source, e-mail is the use of of the private data. and i think people can fail reasonably comfortable that it's not that easy for private individuals to get access. the governme
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13